One Health International Bachelor and Master Summer School 2023

Int. Bachelor/Master Summer School 2023

One Health - `Hidden players in the food chain`


Please note that minor changes to the programme are possible.


Experience health connections along the food chain in Switzerland

To explore connections between plant, animal and human health, participants will visit different food production systems in Switzerland, ranging from conventional to alternative permaculture. These visits are an excellent opportunity to discover Switzerland and learn about management strategies that promote healthy agroecosystems. 


Get first-hand experience in cutting edge interdisciplinary research

The students will have the opportunity to connect with scientists working along the food chain, from soils to plants, to ruminants and humans across different laboratories of the University of Bern. World-leading scientists together with their research teams will introduce the students to their work and efforts to promote healthy food chains.

Challenge yourself.

Develop your own solutions for important one-health challenges 

During the week, you will follow a scientific story in several episodes. Use your own skills as a health detective to develop hypotheses about the storyline and solve the mystery. At the end of the week, the students will be given a challenge to work on in small teams. Combine your own knowledge, creativity and team spirit to find creative solutions to some of the most pressing problems of humanity. During the last day of the school, the teams will present their solutions to each other.

Have fun!

The summer school offers many opportunities to explore Switzerland and the city of Bern, to socialize with participants from all over the world and to meet One Health scientists in an informal, friendly setting.