One Health International Bachelor and Master Summer School 2023

Impressions from 2023

2023 One Health BSc/MSc Summer School

Reed Middleton

As an American MSc student of Food Economics and Marketing (University of Reading, UK), I am passionate about investigating food through a systems perspective, so this program really stood out to me. One of the main reasons I wanted to participate in the One Health summer school is because of its interdisciplinary nature and its focus outside of my typical area of study. I am in the social sciences, but know that life sciences are critical to the health of all life on our planet. The One Health team did a great job establishing a week’s worth of curriculum that could be understood by all participants and let us see the practical application of the science. Furthermore, because there were so many different areas of study included in the program, we heard many different perspectives on the topics we discussed. This was enhanced also by the diverse nationality of the participants in the summer school. It was a true highlight of my summer to get to spend time with people from so many different countries and hear about their passions, education, career ambitions, and more. Through a blend of lectures, excursions, and social time I learned how the health of humans, plants, animals, and the environment are connected. Each day I became more familiar with the topic, was able to be curious, have substantive conversations, and consider new approaches for making progress on challenges in the food system.

2023 One Health BSc/MSc Summer School

Félix Chen Wong

I am currently a master student at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. I have a dentistry and health sciences background and my interest is in public health. What drew me to a summer school in Bern?  The reputation of the education quality in Switzerland, which I was eager to experience for myself!

Now, if you're thinking One Health is only about plant sciences, it's time for a fresh perspective. We journeyed from soil right up to human health. Perhaps the most unexpected turn in this academic adventure? Realizing how closely my health sciences background intertwined with the course. Under the guidance of professional lecturers (from professors to professionals), I unearthed insights into the mechanisms driving vibrant agroecosystems!! 

The course's design was very compelling and I was particularly engaged by the segment on infectious diseases. There were also opportunities for hands-on experience. We also had interactive breakout sessions, led by our lecturers, ensuring a perfect opportunity for queries and deeper understanding. We were not only learning in classrooms but got to engage with nature during three field trips. From pre-departure plans to after-class activities, the University of Bern went the extra mile. They gave us lots of support and prepared lots of extra activities to join in, ensuring we didn't just learn but also enjoyed our time. My classmates? The diversity of classmates is remarkable. You'll have more fun than anticipated. And a tip for future summer attendees: don't forget your swimwear! Embrace the opportunity to float along the picturesque Swiss rivers. It's an experience you won't want to miss! Searching for a summer school that'll level up both your academic and personal growth? I think you have the answer here!