One Health - Interfaculty Research Cooperation

Summer schools

Starting in August 2019, the One Health team has organised several summer schools, one for Bachelor and Master students, the other for PhD and Postdocs, to profit from the expertise and knowledge of University of Bern academics and external experts in the fields of soil, plant, animal and human health. In addition, we held a one day International One Health Symposium-Microbiomes in soil, plant, animal and human health in August 2019.


One Health International Bachelor and Master Summer School 2023

Hidden players in the food chain

From soils to plants, animals and humans - explore connections along terrestrial food chains and learn about hidden processes that shape healthy agroecosystems. Visit different food production systems in Switzerland, ranging from conventional to alternative permaculture. Benefit from close interactions with leading One Health scientists and experience One Health research first hand. Use your own skills as a One Health detective and learn about management strategies that promote healthy agroecosystems from an interdisciplinary perspective.