One Health - Interfaculty Research Cooperation

Summer schools

Starting in August 2019, the One Health team will be organising summer schools to allow students to profit from the expertise and knowledge of University of Bern academics and external experts in the fields of soil, plant, animal and human health. In addition, we held a one day International One Health Symposium-Microbiomes in soil, plant, animal and human health on August 14.

In response to the ongoing pandemic, we have decided to operate both One Health International Summer Schools - one for Bachelor/Master students and the other for PhD and Postdocs - in distance learning mode in 2021.

Virtual One Health International Bachelor and Master Summer School 2021

`Hidden players in the food chain`

From soils to plants, animals and humans - explore connections between soil, plant, animal and human health in different food production systems. Interact with leading One Health scientists during virtual visits to multiple research labs. Team up with peers from all over the world and use your own skills as an One Health detective to learn about healthy agroecosystems from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Virtual One Health International PhD and Postdoc Summer School 2021

`Environmental pollution: from soils to human health`

The 2021 Virtual One Health International PhD and Postdoc Summer School will explore the fate, transport and health effects of contaminants in the environment. Consisting of 10 keynote lectures given by leading national and international scientists, the online course will provide participants with detailed overviews of the key issues concerning environmental pollutions and their connections to global health. The programme is complemented by two virtual parallel workshops for in-depth analysis of inorganic or organic pollutants.