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Established in 2018, the Inter-Faculty Cooperation (IRC) One Health fosters interdisciplinary research between the University of Bern`s Faculties of Science, Veterinary Medicine and Medicine, through an unifying framework that explores the impact of different types of chemicals on the health of food chains. This combines two of the University of Bern`s thematic priorities –sustainability and health/medicine.  The initiative has also supported young researchers, training a new generation of competent and interdisciplinary scientists.


2023/09/11 Exposure & Health

Third OH member externally appointed to professor

Moritz Bigalke has been appointed from March 2022 to a full professor at the Institute of Applied Geosciences at TU Darmstadt in Germany. His research will continue to focus on the biogeochemistry of metals, micro- and nanoplastics in soils. This follows Klaus Schläppi`s full professor appointment in summer 2020 to the Dept. of Environmental Sciences, University of Basel, where he focuses on Plant Microbiome Interactions, Root Microbes and Rhizosphere Ecology.
Francesca Ronchi, a One Health Postdoc, was appointed in Oct 2021 to Associate Professor, Charité-Institute of Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Berlin, focusing on gut-microbiota-brain axis in health and disease. All three will continue to be involved with One Health to varying degrees.

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