One Health - Interfaculty Research Cooperation

One Health International Bachelor and Master Summer School 2023

Int. Bachelor/Master Summer School 2023

One Health - `Hidden players in the food chain`


When: 21-25 August 2023
Where: University of Bern, Switzerland
Participants: Bachelor students (third year) and masters` students (first year) with a background in life sciences.  The number of participants is limited to 24.

A healthy environment, including healthy soils, plants and animals, is essential for human well-being. One Health is an interdisciplinary framework that helps us to understand the processes that shape and connect global health.

The One Health International Bachelor and Master Summer School at the University of Bern offers a unique opportunity to explore the methods and current knowledge on the health of terrestrial food chains, from soils to plants, animals and humans. Students participating in the Summer School will explore the different compartments and their interfaces, and learn about health connections in agroecosystems. Participants will:

• Explore connections between soil, plant, animal and human health in different food production systems, whilst enjoying beautiful Switzerland.

• Visit multiple state-of-the-art research laboratories working on One Health projects and connect with scientists from around the globe.

• Team up with peers from all around the world and use their own skills as health detectives to find potential solutions to some of the most pressing problems of the future.

The following institutes and research groups of the University of Bern contribute to the Summer School:

Vetsuisse – Veterinary Physiology           Dr. Josef Gross

Institute of Plant Sciences – Biotic Interactions & Chemical Ecology  Prof. Dr. Matthias Erb,               Prof. Dr. Christelle Robert

Institute of Geography – Soil Science   Prof. Dr. Adrien Mestrot

Institute for Infectious Diseases – Gut Microbiology   Prof. Dr. Siegfried Hapfelmeier          

Department for Biomedical Research, Inselspital, Mucosal Immunology       Prof. Dr. Stephanie Ganal-Vonarburg

Students will get to meet professors and heads of the research groups from the individual labs across the various institutes.