Summer schools

PhD and Postdoc Summer Schools

International PhD and Postdoc Summer School 11-16 August 2019

Sunday 11 August 2019

Welcome note

Session and discussion: Women in Science

  •   Britta Engelhardt (U Bern, CH)
  •   Susanne Reffert (U Bern, CH)

Panel discussion

  •   Britta Engelhardt (U Bern, CH)
  •   Susanne Reffert (U Bern, CH)
  •   Heike Mayer (U Bern, CH)
  •   Christelle A. M. Robert (U Bern, CH)


Monday 12 August 2019

Session: Soil microbiome and links to One Health

  •   Noah Fierer (U Colorado, US)
  •   Viviane Cordovez (NIOO, NL)
  •   Participant talks*

Session: Plant microbiome and links to One Health

  •   Matthew Agler – (F.Schiller U Jena, DE)
  •   Paul Schulze-Lefert (MPIPZ, DE)
  •   Participant talks*

*PhDs/Postdocs advertise their poster in 3’-speed talks


Tuesday 13 August 2019

Session: Gut microbiome and links to One Health

  •   Thomas Clavel (UH Aachen/TU Munich, DE) 
  •   Emma Slack Wetter (ETH, CH)
  •   Participant talks*

Discussion groups: Microbiomes and links to One Health
Poster session: PhDs/Postdocs present their research 


Wednesday 14 August 2019

For workshop descriptions, see PDF with detailed programme above.


  **Upon registration, you will specify priorities.  (1 or 2 on WED, 3 or 4 on THU)

Workshop 1**: Scientific visualization with Miriam Quick (data journalist and information visualisation researcher, UK)

Workshop 2**: Microbiota analysis using QIIME2 (Caporaso Laboratory, US)


Session: Playing with microbes - science education and outreach with Gilbert Greub (U Lausanne, CH) 


Thursday 15 August 2019

Workshop 3**: Microbiota analysis in R with Jean-Claude Walser (ETH, CH)

Workshop 4**: Microbiome analysis using mOTUs with Shinichi Sunagawa (ETH, CH)


Friday 16 August 2019

Workshop (all participants): `Exerscience!` with Jean-Claude Walser (ETH, CH)

Course synthesis and Apéro