One Health - Interfaculty Research Cooperation

Titleimage: One Health - Interfaculty Research Cooperation

The Interfaculty Research Cooperation "One Health: Cascading and Microbiome-Dependent Effects on Multitrophic Health" examines causal relationships between environmental, animal and human health. We investigate how environmental chemicals such as heavy metals, pesticides and plant secondary metabolites affect microbial communities and health at the interfaces between soils, plants, animals and humans. By unraveling underlying mechanisms, our work contributes to a better understanding of integrated health and supports the development of healthy food chains.

"One Health" integrates the two main topics of sustainability and health/medicine at the University of Bern. Nine groups from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Medicine and Vetsuisse with expertise in microbiology, environmental sciences, plant and animal health, human medicine and bioinformatics work together to push the frontiers of knowledge. 




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